Welcome to collective.table’s documentation!

Project title:collective.table
Latest version:0.2alpha


This is a Plone 4 add-on project for storing tabular data inside Plone.


0.2 (2011-07-20)

  • Renamed README.txt to README.rst and added README as a soft-link. [zupo]

0.1 (2011-07-19)

  • Initial release. [zupo]


Current status

At this point, collective.table offers only basic functionalities and is somewhat usable. It’s in alpha stage so storage API will change and there will be no migration path. Do not use for storing important data just yet!

Milestone Sauna Sprint

Both Nejc Zupan (GSoC student) and Martijn Pieters (mentor) will be attending the Plone Sauna Sprint 2011. During that week we will focus on the following:

  • improve ZODB storage (sorting, filtering, scalability and such)
  • improve UI
  • add more tests (test coverage is already above 85%, btw)
  • unit-tests for Javascript

Milestone End of GSoC

  • battle-hardening what we produce during the Sauna Sprint
  • selenium tests, ran regularly with help of jenkins.plone.org
  • improve user and developer documentation
  • export data to csv, etc
  • screencast usage demo

Milestone future

  • column types (numeric, date, boolean, vocabularies, etc.)
  • add SQLAlchemy storage, based on SQLite by default
  • import from csv
  • insertion of rows in the middle, together with concurrent editing

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